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An Ethiopian Odyssey

Chapter 6 - The Awakening

August 2003

In chapter 6: The Awakening, I reveal the experiences of Easter 2003, and how I finally woke up to who I really am, and my purpose. After that, the way I looked at life, events and people changed forever. The proper path forward finally appeared during a holiday in Norway that August.

…”During the first week of our holiday in Voss, Western Norway, when we stayed in a small log cabin, I met the third guide, this time in a dream. He was Terry Waite, who had been special envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He had spent many months negotiating for the release of hostages, particularly in Lebanon, before he, too, became one. As the dream unfolded, I was standing by a layby, waving at traffic and Terry pulled in hurriedly.

He wound down the window and leaned out: ‘What do you want?’ I told him about my journey and the book. ‘Sounds like a good idea, but it’s important that the stories are told with integrity, not embellished for the west. Sorry, Annette, I’ve got to make a move,’ he shouted above the car’s accelerator and then he was gone.

My dreams alerted me to the fact that they were as important as the events which took place during the day. In this voyage of destiny, everything mattered, no matter how incongruous at the time. My senses were becoming more finely tuned to what was important – a message – and what wasn’t. I had to ready myself for these messages though, and respond immediately: that meant living completely in the moment. Illusions and past experiences counted for very little, as they could block the clear stream of particles coming towards me, to which I must remain sensitive.”

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