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An Ethiopian Odyssey

Chapter 3 - The dreams push me onwards

July 1997

In chapter 3: ‘The dreams push me onwards’ I describe how my mother’s death in 1993 and the return of the still, clear dreams I’d experienced as a teenager were beginning to show me that there was a different path for me, instead of the materialistic one I’d followed for years.

……….One Tuesday morning after we’d sold the house, I decided to commit suicide – that way I wouldn’t have to endure Rob and James’s criticism, nor my deep shame at my failed business. Rob was young enough to find another wife and James would soon forget me. Whatever lay on the other side, I’d face when I passed on.

I mulled over the method – knife or pills? I planned it for the following week whilst James was at school. The kitchen was the best place – the tiles were easy to clean. My soul though, had other plans.

That night, another clear dream appeared. It was dark, I was alone in a room with no windows. To my left, a small, triangular sliver of light shone on the floor. It seemed to come from a door, left slight ajar. I walked towards it, curious to see what lay on the other side. As I opened it …………..

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