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An Ethiopian Odyssey

Chapter 17 - A little blue Volkswagen

23rd June 2004

In Chapter 17, ‘A little blue Volkswagen,’ I am on the hunt for facts about how the Emperor had died in prison. Mary Asfaw Wossen, his grand daughter, had refused to elaborate It was still a source of deep pain for her. But I was curious – a lot of rumours had claimed he had been buried beneath the toilet that Mengistu and his senior officers had used in the Menelik Place in Addis. I needed to find an independent source, ideally a journalist, who would know more.

I wondered if Odd Inge, my second cousin and a journalist, would be able to help. He and Berit, his wife, were spending a holiday in England, on a barging holiday with another Norwegian couple, Per and Inger Ulleberg. We met them for a meal at a pub by the towpath one Friday evening.

Inger was a lively, interesting lady in her early 50’s. A teacher, she was about to move to another college.

“And tell me, Annette, what do you do?”

Removing the old school photo from my handbag, I described my journey and the dream to bring water to Ethiopia. I mentioned my current challenge, to find the facts behind Haile Selassie’s death.

“Yah, so then, I think you should get in touch with Einar Lunde, he’s a well known TV presenter and journalist in Norway and spent a lot of years in Ethiopia. Perhaps he may be able to help you.”

With that passing remark, I knew I had to contact him.


Three weeks later, a response appeared in my in-box

“What an exciting project, I am really thrilled,” began the email from Einar. Funny you should mention Tutu, Michael Buerk and Olav Skjevesland, the Bishop of Southern Norway………..”

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