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An Ethiopian Odyssey

Chapter 16 - The web spreads

June 2004

In Chapter 16, The web spreads, the obsession with finding the remaining classmates had deepened after the wonderful connections I’d found in Ethiopia. The way I planned to do this was to persuade magazines and newspapers to feature the old photo.

……”Some journalists did bother responding., to say that they would interview me when the book was published. Others were more cautious: one women’s magazine editor commented, “your story is so unique, I don’t see how anyone could possibly relate to it.” Refusing to be downhearted, I turned her response on its head and thought that, therefore, there must be very good news value in it.

Our local newspaper, the Buckingham Advertiser, turned up trumps again. They’d printed a short feature the week before my return to Addis, so I decided to email them to see if they would be able to help. I reasoned that it was a very small world and that many people in Buckingham were well travelled. The paper was happy to oblige and the old school photo appeared in the readers’ letters page on 10th June.

Four days later, I had a reply. Jack Atamian, an Armenian had been reading the paper when he spotted the photo, and it turned out that he …………

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